Friday, April 8, 2016

Ugo Bardi's Personal Home Page

Welcome to Ugo Bardi's home page. I don't know how you arrived here, nor why, but this is a very informal page about me: not even a real home page (it is made using "blogspot"). But it may be a starting point to see the work that I am doing.

So, first of all, a super-short CV. I am a faculty member of the University of Florence, in Italy, where I teach physical chemistry and materials science. I am active in research in subjects such as mineral resources, renewable energy, system dynamics applied to economics and more, including being a partner of the European project MEDEAS dedicated to modeling the supply of mineral resources to Europe. Among the various things related to my scientific activity, I am one of the three chief editors of Biophysical Economics and Resource Quality (BERQ). It is a very interesting, ambitious, and innovative journal published by Springer. High quality submissions are welcome; check the web site for instructions.

In addition to the formal scientific activity, I am supposed to take care of the communication about sustainability of the whole university of Florence. I am a member of the Club of Rome and of the Energy Watch group. I write a lot on the Web and my articles have appeared on "The Oil Drum," "Energy Bulletin", "Financial Sense on line" and on Cassandra's Legacy. Possibly the contribution I am best known for is the "Seneca Effect", the name I gave to the idea that things go to pieces much faster than the time needed to assemble them

My most recent book is EXTRACTED: how the quest for mineral wealth is plundering the planet. (Chelsea Green, 2014). That's more or less it for a short introduction of myself, for more data see this page: Ugo Bardi's CV and personal notes.

Prof. Ugo Bardi
Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Università di Firenze
Tel +39055 457-3118

My Blogs:

Cassandra's Legacy - the main blog I keep, about one post per week dedicated to sustaibility, resource depletion, system dynamics, and more

The Seneca Effect - this is mainly a repository of the posts relative to the Seneca collapse published on Cassandra's Legacy, but it also contains some original posts.

A Distant Mirror. A repository where I keep my musings on the Roman Empire, with a special view on its collapse.

Chimeras. A very personal blog, where I publish on my (sometimes weird) interpretations of ancient myths, poetry, and literature.

Effetto Risorse   (in Italian) The twin of "Cassandra's Legacy", it publishes not only my posts, but a variety of other people's posts and many translations form English